Grabbing balls, shin guards and gloves, warming their articulation and by quickly running, a youth is gathered around an innovative idea.
They are not there to laugh or strolling. They are there in response to the call for the rights of animals, hungry mouths in countries, to preserve the environment and donate their talents for these noble causes.


The Project


Our vision is to creating and strengthen ties between soccer, communities and vegan movement (ethical treatment for animals, healthy diet, environment, etc.) by using our soccer team and all our equipment.

There is about 90 soccer matches during a sporty year, this give us 90 opportunities to spread the vegan message.



In the last three years we worked hard to provide youth with commitment around important issues relating to save planet by stopping animal killings and going vegan.

We know we are on the right way and hope to develop the more and more strategies that will help raise awareness for a compassionate planet.